Carcheck India is the first comprehensive used car testing center of its kind in India. At Carcheck India, you can evaluate a used car on its performance, mechanical health and economic value.

Our cutting edge technologies and automatic computerized testing system together with well qualified technicians inspect the vehicle in a professional way and provide you an unbiased report which would enable you to arrive at a decision to buy a car at a fair purchase price after knowing the condition of the car. At Carcheck India, we dedicate the very best services in helping you to avoid buying more problems with a used car. We ensure every inch of the car is inspected for its present condition and a printed report is given with expert advice.

In case of a mechanical service request, we offer complimentary multi-point inspection to all our customers. Our multi-point inspection reports any issues with your vehicle. That will enable you to act proactively and take repair measures before it becomes a big problem.

We understand how important it is for you to ensure efficient and cost-effective decisions on buying a used car.
We aim at the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of our customers.

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