Tips on Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car? check these tips

Buying a Second Hand Car is not as easy as Buying a New Car.

Where New Car is backed with Manufacturer Warranty, Trust, Flawless Condition and Free Services - A Used car does not necessarily hold in any of these factors.

Documentation and Service History needs to be thoroughly checked. This process failure could invite a miserable Buy Call.

Though, it may see relatively easy to buy car in Organized Sector i.e. Used car Dealers, there is still high underlying Probability of Odometer tampering, cosmetic changes and jacking up price by substantial amount. Even, if the dealer is genuine, he will still manage to keep his cut - on both buying and selling transaction - ultimately this is his bread and butter - thus Real Price Discovery does not happen.

Its best to contact direct Owner as seller, for your purchase - who can provide you History, Service Bills and documentation. You will get a car at the right price with all documents from the Original Owner of the car.

Below is an Attempt to Provide a One Stop Guide from Vehicle Inspection to Deal Closure of your Used Car Purchase :

Evaluating & Inspecting Car

Inspecting a Car is not a Rocket Science - provided the basics are correct.

There’s a Saying - 1+1 = 11. It’s better to have an expert to do the job for you on paid basis in case you miss a part of Inspection. For Easing the Inspection Part - Carcheck India provides Computer Testing services for used cars- effective inspection, fully computerized and accurate report.

Normal Concept:

  • - First and Foremost is to Check Car in Day-Light in Open and Not in a Covered Parking.
  • - Check Body Paint Condition from All Sides
  • - Is Body Paint Uniform
  • - A Patch of Color Change Can be Indication of Accidental Car
  • - Inspect it closely.
  • - Check Odometer
  • - Check Tyre Condition, Generally Tyres Call for Replacement at around 40,000 to 50,000 Kms. Expiry date of Tyre also to be noted.
  • - Check Tyre Tread along with Disc closely
  • - Check Interiors
  • - Seat Upholstery
  • - Is The Seat Fabric Dirty / Intact / Torn / Clean
  • - How Cushioned are Front and Rear Seats.
  • - Check for Doors
  • - Can you open and close all 4 Doors with Ease or any Noise.
  • - Take a Test Drive of the Car Thoroughly with Windows Open without turning on the Music System to listen to any Noise or Screech Sounds
  • - Inspect Brakes, Clutch, Pickup, Gear Smoothness, Steering Easeness, Reverse, Car Pickup, Noise or Rattling Sounds (for Suspension), Try to Drive on Rough Patch for Shockers. Do not be shy to drive more Kms or applying brakes or Taking Sharp Corner Turns
  • - During last Leg of Test Drive (2 km)
  • - Turn Windows Down, Check AC Cooling, Music System Head Unit, Speakers Sound Level
  • - Check Car Features
  • - Is AC, Blower Fan, Music System, Central Lock System, Power Window System, Lights Fog Lights, and Horn etc. on arrival at Starting Point.
  • - Last but not the least
  • - Check Engine Bay for Signs of any Repair / Leaks / Fluid Levels etc.

Majority of these checks are now efficiently computerized by latest technologies for precision testing and result by Carcheck India. Our Service Advisor will provide report that would rate the used car condition – Average to Excellent. With the help of Carcheck India unbiased report, the buyer or seller can then decide on the fair price with a possibility of negotiation.